Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"Shark on the Ledge" this Friday, 6:30pm

Film fans! Please join us this Friday, May 2nd at 6:30pm at American Memorial Park for the Marianas debut of Shark on the Ledge. This film was made possible by the Micronesian Shark Foundation and is being brought to Saipan by FFF supporters.

Palau was the first nation in the world to grant full protection status to shark populations with the signing of a landmark agreement signed by President Johnson Toribiong in 2009. On direct request by the President, the Micronesian Shark Foundation was granted full access to conduct research to analyze the effect of human influence on shark populations in Palau.

Shark on the Ledge documents the two week voyage of four scientists who tried to deploy satellite tags on sharks in Helen’s Reef, a sandy atoll rising only a few feet above sea level in the southernmost isolated corner of Palau. Their experience in the believed-pristine waters of Helen’s Reef was shocking in comparison with the heavily trafficked and populated areas of Koror where they visited next. The film displays the devastating destruction of illegal fishing and long-lining as well as the need to protect broad-scale marine biodiversity, starting with sharks as apex predators.

First Friday Films is a partnership between American Memorial Park, the Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality and the Humanities Council with support from other organizations and individuals. This film is sponsored by the Micronesian Shark Foundation and was made possible by donations from the Bohemian Foundation. As always, our film events are free and open to the public. This event will run approximately 90 minutes.

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