Monday, August 9, 2010

Information from SharkWater screening

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the movie on Friday night!  We had almost 150 people in attendance; it was great to see so many interested in protecting our shark populations.

Attached below (after the jump link) are the results of the restaurant/business survey we did to see who is serving shark fin soup or other shark derived products.

Also included are links to outreach materials that can be used to ask these businesses to stop serving these products and why they should; one of them is even translated into Chinese.

CNMI Businesses Serving Shark Products:

*note: During this brief survey of Chinese restaurants in the Garapan and Beach road area, 17 businesses were visited (15 restaurants and two stores that sell herbal supplements).  Of the 15 restaurants, 11 of them were found to list shark fin soup on their menu; both of stores that sell herbal supplements were found to carry products derived from sharks.  This survey was not intended to be comprehensive, and most likely infers that there are other restaurants besides the ones listed here that serve shark fin soup or other shark related products.  If you are aware of other places that do serve these products, please contact us so that we can update our list.

Restaurants found to serve shark fin soup or other dish containing shark fin:

1)      Double Restaurant, Garapan
Located behind DFS.

2)      Ming Palace, Garapan
Located on a side street just south of the Paseo.

3)      Asahi Chinese Restaurant, Garapan
Located across from Fiesta Resort.

4)      Canton Restaurant, Garapan
Located across next to Sun Leader on Beach road just south of Bank of Guam.

5)      Saipan Seaside Restaurant, Beach Road
South of Naked Fish.

6)      China House Restaurant
Located near National Office Supply.
7)      Dakeyi Canton Kitchen, Garapan
Located near Johnny’s Bar on Beach Rd.

8)      Guang Zhou Restaurant, Garapan
Located on side street across from Fiesta Resort.

9)      Happiness Restaurant, Garapan
Located around the corner from Wintchells
facing Fiesta drainage.

10)  Kazan Tei Chinese Restaurant, Garapan
Located across from Fiesta Resort.

11)  Ocean Palace Sharks Fin Seafood Restaurant, Susupe
Located across from World Resort.

Supplement Stores that carry shark derived products:

1)      A One Natural Health Products, Garapan
Located across from the Hyatt Resort

2)      Nic Health, Garapan
Located in Joeten Plaza

Links to outreach materials that ask businesses to stop serving shark fin soup:

A double sided card produced by the Humane Society in both English and Chinese:

A one sided English only card produced by WildAID:

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