Thursday, March 21, 2013

Student research presentations Friday (22nd) at AMP

A group of mainland college students from Northern Arizona University have been on Saipan for a semester-long field experience in conservation biology. As they wrap up their visit, they are presenting on their research projects at American Memorial Park on Friday, March 22nd from 1-5pm. The public is welcome to attend!

Northern Arizona University Field Experience in Conservation Biology
Conservation Research Symposium
American Memorial Park
Saipan, CNMI
March 22, 2013

1:00-1:15              Opening remarks.

1:15-1:30              Factors affecting the species abundance and richness of fish in sea grass beds in the Saipan lagoon. Alling, R.

1:30-1:45              Contemporary medicinal trees: Diversity and use across the island of Saipan. Marshall, M.

1:45-2:00              Variation in luminescence and insect abundance on bioluminescent fungi. Pletzer, J.

2:00-2:15              Factors affecting green sea turtle nesting preference in Saipan. Brown, M.

2:15-2:30              Erythrina gall wasps on gaogao trees, and their effect on birds in Saipan. Watson, Z.

2:30-2:45              Intermission break.

2:45-3:00              The effect of enrichment strategies and environmental factors on the behavior of captive Mariana fruit bats (Pteropus mariannus). Eilers, J.

2:45-3:00              Effects of sewage effluence on coral reef diversity, richness, and recruitment. Senini, N.

3:15-3:30              Demographics, distribution, and public perceptions of free-ranging dogs on Saipan. Nimer, A.

3:30-3:45              Predation of the small giant clam (Tridacna maxima) in Saipan. Roof, K.

3:45-4:00              Evidence of selective breeding and habitat use in Lambis lambis. Raber, S.

4:00-4:15              Factors influencing metallic blue ladybird beetle abundance. Hottel, E.

4:15-4:30              Shell use and abandonment in hermit crabs (Coenobita spp.). Bulger, B.

4:30-4:45              Closing remarks.

We are grateful to our generous sponsors, collaborators, and supporters: CNMI Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Fish and Wildlife; Asia Pacific Academy of Science, Education and Environmental Management; Northern Marianas College; Saipan Zoo; Mayors of Saipan, Tinian, and Rota; CNMI Department of Environmental Quality; CNMI Coastal Resource Management; National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association; Commonwealth Utility Corporation; CNMI Historical Preservation Office; American Memorial Park.

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